Who we are

Metratek is a pioneer in the development of specialized telematic applications in the field of Transportation and Security Services. We provide technological solutions throughout the Mediterranean region, the Arab countries and worldwide. Combining the right mix of technologies and engineering know-how, we develop mission-critical systems that meet and exceed customers’ requirements. We understand the organizations that trust us and respond to their needs with technological solutions that truly deliver the anticipated return-on-investment.

Since 2008 we have introduced in the scene of berthing systems, DockAssist®, the first highly integrated Vessel Tracking and Monitoring System.

Our innovative thinking has been the key of our success and we are constantly evolving thanks to our focus to address real-world terminal operations.

Our vision

We enjoy working towards increasing safety standards in everyday life bringing to life innovative solutions that actually deliver what they promise.

Our objectives

Maintain our strong leadership in research and development of solutions while increasing the added value and ROI for our customers.

  • System Installation

    Metratek provides complete hardware and software installation services performed by specialized technicians. We guarantee fast and efficient installation fully adapted to the project’s specifications and the customers needs.

  • Personnel Training

    In order to improve the efficient deployment of our solutions, we fully train our customers technical and operational personnel at several levels according to the procured solution.

  • Deployment Planning

    Deployment Planning includes the definition of the key attributes of the system, perform extensive measurements, comparison and review of requested specifications against test results, scheduling and final installation.

Our Team 

Marios Vrahimis

General Manager

Andreas Sakellariou

Technical Director

Lucas De Jong

Business Development Manager

George Leftheriotis

Cybersecurity & Quality Advisor