Why you need it?

Control room operators at a typical O&G port terminal are in charge to log the time of the port operations. Traditionally the process is being done either with basic computer support (ie spreadsheet) or even handwritten on paper. The typical format used to log operations follows the pattern: time of day, description of the action. Time logging is performed around the clock by all the work shift staff. Optionally, at a shift handover a synopsis of the current operational status is also recorded for the next shift to be up-to-date.

As it is obvious, the above old-fashioned methodology is inadequate to fulfill the requirements or overcome the challenges of a contemporary operational and business environment.

The more important drawbacks and shortcomings are:

  • Hand-written recording is cumbersome and time-consuming
  • Hard to read, sometimes unreadable due to poor writing style and layout
  • Time-sorted only, by nature
  • No means to check if sequence of actions is valid. For example, if a ‘disconnect’ comes after a relevant ‘connect’
  • Access to historical data takes too much time
  • Ability to cross-check data does not exist
  • Incomplete data. Certain actions are not recorded while other are skipped occasionally
  • Not uniform registration of events, varies by who enters the data
  • Very difficult to search for a sequence of entries related to a specific vessel, berth, product or type of operation
  • Extraction of time duration of operations, not feasible
  • Paper records cannot be shared between company stakeholders and do not include up-to-date entries
  • No possibility to obtain complete and reliable metrics needed for benchmarking and optimization

The solution

Timetrics is a software platform especially developed to record and analyze production operations. It offers a robust data input and validation user interface, a company-wide SQL database, extensive reporting capabilities and a complete menu of visualization widgets.

The modular architecture addresses increasing requirements in a multi-step approach. The platform is ideally suited to enterprises seeking to spot operational weaknesses. It is a valuable tool in order to streamline production times, increase productivity and make optimal use of assets and available infrastructure.

Function Modules

The Timetrics platform adopts a modular structure where each module addresses a subset of the entire functionality. This approach enables stepwise deployment and focus on the functionality that is most relevant to the processes in place and the level

Module name Description
Core Server and client applications. The client application allows a fully validated input of data, textual reporting and standard dialogs. The database design is fully customized to the needs of MOH and aims to provide data reliability and strict enforcement of entity relationships.
Visual Dashboard with multiple widgets visualizing metrics and KPIs. Charting for data analytics. The easy way to assess performance.
Mobile A basic mobile application displaying the current status (operational snapshot) at port, berth or vessel level enhanced with associated visuals (subset of the desktop Visual module). Ideal solution for managers and people on the move.
Mobile Premium As above, enhanced with access to historical data and complete visualization capabilities in mobile version as offered in the desktop Visual module.
Connect Integration with other platforms like DockAssist, Port Scheduling (future) and third party services (ie SAP). Enriched database schema to support the extra functionality.
Remote Sense Automatic input of operational data from remote devices such as smartphones, tag readers, NFC scanners and others via SMS or TCP/IP. Verification of data based on video analysis or smart sensors.
Predict Artificial intelligence based forecasting of task duration and metrics behavior.


Operating environment

The platform has been designed as a three-tier application:

  • Front-end application
  • Application server
  • Database server

It is fully compatible with virtualization technologies (VMware, Hyper-V) and can be deployed in various configurations. On-premises, cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid scenarios may be freely selected and/or mixed according to the specific business needs and corporate policies.

If a fully managed option is preferred, the Timetrics platform is available as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) complying with strict security standards.